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What To Expect When Buying A Flower Crown

By October 16, 2016January 29th, 2019No Comments

Listen up everyone. I think the time has come that someone explains to the everyday gal what they should be looking for, or more so what they should be receiving, when purchasing a fresh flower crown. I have seen some absolute shockers lately and I think it’s time I speak up. Girls there is a right and wrong way to make a flower crown and there’s also flowers that shouldn’t be used! I’ve seen snapdragons on flower crowns, seriously snapdragons, like the WHOLE snapdragon was used, which is only ok if you’re trying to be the flower version of maleficent. Then by all means proceed.


This is a snapdragon. This is what you don’t want in your flower crown.

But seriously I’m going to give you a run down of what to expect from your new purchase.

1. The construction. THIS ISNT AN EPISODE OF MACGYVER. There are appropriate tools and materials that should be used to make said flower crown. There is 3 important elements of flower crowns. Flowers (derrr), parafilm also known as “florist/floral tape” and wire. If your flower crown is missing one of these components then seriously abort mission now. Parafilm is god’s gift. It has a purpose people! It locks the moisture into the stem of the flower helping it last as long as it possibly can, purely because flowers need water to survive. So if your flower crown stems aren’t wrapped in parafilm than call it a day because chances are it’ll last 5 minutes since we live in a state where hot water comes out of both taps.


That parafilm though!

Parafilm comes in many versions; there’s a plasticy type (seriously an angel sent it) which comes in green and white and then there is a paperish version which comes in green and brown – there may be more colours I’m not a massive fan of this parafilm type but you go glen coco! If your flower crown stems are wrapped with wire which are basically holding the crown together (in place of parafilm) than say “not today sir” because that construction is incorrect. Not to mention, how is that comfortable against your scalp? If you see that your flower crown has been constructed with wire that is wrapped but the wire is wrapped in parafilm than you may proceed and collect $200 when you pass go. If your flower crown has been constructed with hot glue?!? SERIOUSLY HOT GLUE! Then let the lord have mercy on your soul. Flowers are alive! Other incorrect construction materials include electrical tape.. unless you live on the roof top of the Q1 then again completely incorrect. But wait for it the best one, ZIP TIES. Don’t get me wrong zip ties are fantastic just not fantastic for flower crowns. So to recap you shouldn’t be able to see the end of any stem of your flowers in your flower crown they should all be snuggly covered in parafilm.


All those stems are as snug as a bug in a rug

2. Flowers – there are wrong and right flowers to use. Unfortunately the biggest mistake I see with flower crowns is the colour blue. Blue flowers my friends, are not that fantastic in flower crowns. In fact all blue flowers that are suitable have incredibly small seasons and any true florist will be able to let you know of their availability. But if there’s 1 flower that shouldn’t go anywhere near flower crowns (especially in Queensland) it’s delphiniums! As amazing as they are they are 100% NOT COMPATIBLE and you’ll be lucky to get an hour out of these bad boys. And honestly guys I see so many of these in crowns and it’s just not ok. Sort of like how it’s not ok to have really thin eyebrows now. So if there’s one thing you take away from this its to stay away from blue flowers! There is actually heaps of flowers that shouldn’t be used in our seasonal climate but ain’t no body got time for that, so here’s a list of flowers that should NEVER be used like on any occasion: Delphiniums, Tulips, Easter daisy, Iris and Snapdragons.



Where the stems at?

I hope this helps and gives people a better understanding that flower crowns are a skill that are apart of studying floristry which, when done properly, takes years. And by all means if you want to attempt a flower crown DIY then use that zip tie, use that wire, but do not consider this a sellable product.