Crown Of Eden

Specialising in fresh and artificial flower crowns!


We are flower crown professionals! Fresh or artificial. But we aren’t limited to flower crowns – we can do combs and 1/2 crowns! Any style of flowers in your hair, we can do it!

For artificial purchases and to see our range of headscarves visit our online store

To see the vast range of workings we create check out our instagram @crownofeden or our Facebook page or if you know what you want, contact us to order your flower crown!

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7 thoughts on “Crown Of Eden”

  1. Teaghan Doyle says:

    Hi there.. im getting married in Fiji next year & just inquiring to see how much a flower crown would be simular to the ginger flower in Fiji or would you have any other suggestions? I dont want anything too over the top, just simple.
    Thanks, Teaghan

    1. etfsowner says:

      Hi Teaghan!

      If you wanted to email me and we can discuss some ideas!


  2. Brianna Finnegan says:

    I am after a flower crown for Race day on the 6th of August, i was wondering what method i need to take to order one.


    1. etfsowner says:

      Hey Brianna! I received your email – let me know if you haven’t received mine 🙂

  3. Nikki blackmore says:

    Hi There,

    I love your flower crowns!!

    It’s my sisters birthday tomorrow and I was wondering if it would be too late to get a crown made and delivered either tonight or tomorrow.

    I understand this quite a tight time frame, I just wish I had found your website sooner!!!

    Regardless if you can or can’t what would the price be for a simple crown with white flowers and pink roses in it? Also what would the price be for a colourful crown small enough for a small dog?

    Thank you!!!


    1. etfsowner says:

      Hey Nikki
      Sorry, only just seeing this. Unfortunately our website doesn’t notify us 🙁 if you could send me and email to with the dates and whatnot and I can look into for you 🙂

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